Charlotte NC Destinations You Should Consider This Year

Of all of the places you could go on the East Coast, North Carolina is the state that you should consider. Instead of trying multiple cities like Asheville, Raleigh, or even Greensboro, just head on into Charlotte. There are great places to eat, parks to visit, and tours that are going to be fantastic. They are always affordable, plus you can also get great deals on a flight, hotel and a rental. Once you have booked your trip, you might want to consider looking at all of the different things that you will be able to do. Let’s go over some of those so you can have a general idea of why people like to visit the city.

Great Places For Kids

There are fantastic places for kids such as the Charlotte Concorde aquarium. Admission is about $20, but it’s definitely worth the visit. If you are traveling during the summer, head over to Carowinds which is one of the best places to write on roller coasters. You can also go to the Lost Duffer Miniature Golf amusement park, and Ray’s Splash Planet which can be a little crowded, but it always gets fantastic reviews. If you are traveling by yourself, or if this is a romantic vacation, you will want to consider some of the more adult locations. This could be museums, or just check out the many different sites and landmarks that are available.

Sites And Landmarks

BB&T Ballpark, along with the Bank of America Stadium, are really devoted to people that like professional sports. There is also the Time Warner cable arena, something that is fantastic on the inside, allowing you to watch sporting events and special events that come up. As far as museums are concerned, you should go to the Billy Graham library. If you have a history of being part of evangelical movements, you can learn about one of the greatest names in this particular religion. There are science museums, history museums, and many other places you can go. Some of them will cost money, whereas others are free, making this easier on the pocketbook.

Your trip to Charlotte will be a success as long as you do the research in advance. It will make it possible for you to get all of this done quickly. The Internet allows you to find not only package deals on your vacation, but you can sometimes get discounts on all of these activities. After going once, you might go several more times. It really is a fun place to be. Just make sure that have a great hotel stay at, and that you have multiple activities to do, to make your vacation in Charlotte one of your best.